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    We effectively provide personalized nutritional requirements for each cell line.

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    We provide a large variety of services to fulfill all of your needs.

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    We uphold the "quality first" standard to produce the highest quality medium.

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    JianShunBio is devoted to the development of serum free cell culture medium.

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    JianShunBio welcomes qualified applicants to join our team.


Company Profile

        Jianshun Biosciences, Ltd. is located in the Lanzhou Economic-Technological Development Zone and was founded in March, 2011. Jianshun Biosciences Ltd. is a newly established company in China. that develops and manufactures serum-free, chemically-defined cell culture media which includes liquid media and dry powder media. The company also produces media for stem cells and primary cells.Jianshun Biosciences...more

Service system

Effectively provide personalized nutritional requirements for each of the different cell lines through a unique process and More